Attention dashboard lessons from a chimp

Media used to be finite and static.

Our grandparents' morning paper or evening news was a spectator sport.

Today the conversation economy is a contact sport.

Our attention is no longer on passively observing someone else's experience (the one they had yesterday, no less).  ERGO, if you truly want to connect with people, you need to connect where their attention is focused.  (Read: Twitter stream, Facebook news feed, RSS reader.) Once you understand this once you live it, you're in the game.

If you don't live it and breathe it, you can't get it.  

It's cultural, not technical.

Don't think so?

Ask Jane Goodall.  Do you think she garnered some of the world's most profound anthropological insight from observing a chimpanzee society, or participating as a member of one?

Join the tribe.