You are what you write

Our words mean something.

Don't think they do?  As a digital citizen - you damn well should.

We hit our hometown this summer.  Picture: a small Northern Ontario community, modest but uber welcoming and comfortable homes, clotheslines in each backyard, and neighbours who know, talk to and (wait for it) help each other.  

The modern plagues of garage communities and snout houses don't compute here.

In the spring they experienced a significant loss of jobs with the closing of the mine smelter site, a move to consolidate and increase efficiencies by its multinational owner. The same company this summer announced a 300% rise in profits with the following explanation, reprinted in the local daily:

...[Profit growths were] due to another robust cost performance volume growth in most key commodities and positive momentum in developing its industry-leading pipeline of organic growth projects.

We're sure those 670 affected families were relieved to hear Company X's organic growth pipelines are rocking.

Does this sound like a sentence you've written before?  Or could write?  Every one of us in this biz has been accused of "spin" at one time or another.  Don't like it?  

Then don't do it.

Is it the role of a marketing and communications consultant to not only write pretty prose but to make sure the words behind them are authentic and true? To not just write well but to do good??

If it's not, then it should be.  Or we all might as well be BP.

If you're having trouble with your moral compass ask yourself this: would your mamma be proud of what you just wrote? (Some exceptions may apply.)