We want you!

There's a groundswell of change and citizen engagement in communities these days. (And it's awesome.)

It's generally not covered by mainstream media or glorified by politicians. (Of course there are exceptions - thx @kateatlfpress.)  Some say it's powered by that crazy interweb, but we think it's mostly about the PEOPLE.

Don't believe us?  

Here's 15 ways to be intensely creative, get involved and invested, and have a voice to act for change, just in our community alone:

  1. Hack The Vote
  2. ParkingDay
  3. PodCamp
  4. ChangeCamp
  5. London Photo Walk
  6. PhotoCamp
  7. GenNext
  8. Museum Underground
  9. London Creative Network
  10. Enagage London
  11. 379 Collective
  12. London Short Film Showcase
  13. Ignite London
  14. UnLondon
  15. Emerging Leaders

Bet there's a lot going on in your community too, if you take the time to look around. (You know, with apologies to Buffalo Springfield, you better stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down...and all that.)

The onus to make your community a better place doesn't rest with the leaders you elect. 

It rests with YOU.

You're the initiator, the community organizer, the status quo killer. Don't wait for an invitation.  Be the energizer.

Your city needs you.