Wrong is where we're at

We like being wrong. (Occasionally.)

Not enough to make us irrelevant of course, but enough to serve as an indicator that we're constantly trying new things.

Mediums evolve. Patterns change. Sometimes we make mistakes. Everyone does. How many organizations have made mistakes when it comes to their social media strategies?  Likely more wrong than right at this stage.  (And that's okay.)

Sometimes we even say things on social platforms that get us into trouble.  Ever broadcast something on Twitter or Facebook that came back to bite you?  Ever read about someone who's lost their job or something else of value over it?

As the NetGen continues to have an impact (and mix with) the boomers in the workplace, fireworks will continue to fly.  What's taboo today will be tomorrow's breakfast TV.

We need to stop slinging consequence and start bridging the common ground.  Do you have a young person on your team that said something inapropriate on the interweb?  How about a teachable moment for everyone?  She may not have realized the ramifications of her broadcast, so, if your workplace doesn't have a social media strategy and a policy to back it up, what a great place to start. 

Never being wrong is far worse than being wrong occasionally.  And really, communications evolution being what it is these days, wrong is sometimes where we're digitally at.