Leadership lost...and found

What's your most powerful marketing strategy?


Soon, the most connected generation in history will have the most disposable income. They're entering the workforce, driving social trends and making decisions. The best way to reach this group isn't through advertising. It's through making connections.

What would you look for if you wanted to hire or attract an emerging leader?

Consider this:

  1. Leadership competencies haven't changed, but the challenges have.
  2. Leadership is a journey.  It's not about mastery - start your talent on the path now.

Ultimately, anyone can lead. It's not about position, it's about disposition.  Talent with a high degree of emotional intelligence will stand out from the pack. That's the skill set you want to nurture and develop.

Increasingly, distinction between leader and follower will be blurred.

Invest in your young talent.  When it comes to your HR leadership strategy, there is no lost and found. 

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