Marketing: It's Not For You

Don't like your organization's website, brand, marketing materials? That's good.

Assuming that the materials are not hugely dated, inaccurate or otherwise appropriate, if you're not the company's primary audience, then you shouldn't like them.  (In fact, if you do, you should fire your agency.)

Marketing can be a very passionate and incredibly subjective topic for folks who don't work in the industry day to day.  And that's okay.  (It is for us too sometimes!) We want you to love and own your marketing strategy, your brand, your collateral.  But we don't want you to shape it according to your own personal preferences.That's not in the best interest of your bottom line.

Marketing decisions should always be strategic not subjective.  Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your next piece of creative or strategy:

  • Does this work represent the strategic mission, vision and values of our organization?
  • Are the key messages clear, compelling and accurate (versus a nice long info dump of stuff we want people to know about us in 2000 words or less)?
  • Is your feedback to your marketer or designer based on strategic critique or personal preference?

Don't like yellow? Maybe your target market identifies with it strongly.

Don't like your brand identity?  As long as good strategic thought, research, planning and testing went into it, it's okay, because...'s not for you.