The Ol’Resolution Trick

It’s that time again.

But let’s not call them “resolutions”, let’s call them ourselves, to our clients/partners and to our organizations.

All tapped from years gone by? Here’s a few you might want to try on for size:

  • Run every pitch and proposal through an authenticity filter.  (Or as one of our fave clients calls it, “bullsh*t bingo”.)
  • Promote your competition. (Throw them a congrats or a retweet.)
  • Give a young person a chance. (Someone did it for you.)
  • Set a theme for your year. (Thanks Janet, you are most CREATIVE!)
  • Take care of yourself.  Go to bed early one night a week and and get to that doctor/ dentist/optometrist/other appointment you’ve been putting off because of meetings and deadlines.
  • Call your mom. (Don't have one to call? Call someone else's!)
  • Try Twitter.  (It won't bite you.)
  • Once every few months, define your ideal mental health day.  THEN TAKE IT. 
  • Turn off the TV. (You may experience relief.)
  • Make art. (That includes food and finger paint.)

Resolving to be a better person doesn't have anything to do with I.Q.  Being an expert takes time over talent. It's not too late to start any of these resolutions or a set of your own.

It's never too late to commit to be better.  It's just one day later than it was yesterday.