The Law of Interweb and Effect

One of simplest and best of the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe is that of cause and effect:

"Whatever you send out into the universe comes back."

We all know it's true because we've all seen it happen.

By now, we've likely all met the awesome Ted Williams.  He's homeless, has a bad-ass voice and his life was just transformed overnight.

As of yesterday AM, Google News was reporting 424 articles from a search on his name. He is interviewed here on the CBS Early Show and is reported to have been offered a job and a home to live in by The Cleveland Cavaliers, with media giants like ABC, CBS and CNN, ESPN and MTV on his heels.

What's so remarkable about this story, aside from the obvious super fuzzy warm feeling of the whole thing (and the good ju-ju that must be coming to the journalist who first discovered and shared Mr. Williams' story), is the groundswell of support and the record speed with which this viral sensation was picked up by major networks.

Why? The Interweb. Specifically YouTube and Facebook. AKA the Broadcast Revolution.

Enter The New Natural Laws of the Metaverse (a starting draft anyway): 

  1. Interweb and Effect:  Whatever you send out into the metaverse usually comes and with feedback. (So, what are you putting out there?)
  2. The largest increase in expressive capability in human history has now forever, and will continue to, shape the way we communicate and engage with each other.  (Have you jumped in?)
  3. In this evolving hyper-connected digital world, it's always better for marketers to teach customers how to fish. Broadcast with them, not for them or worse, at them. (Are you partnering or patronizing?)

Everyone will soon is now expected to broadcast what they are passionate about with the world.  How else do you expect to find your next job, partner, opportunity?

The catch for Teddy W?

They made him cut his hair. Don't they know that hairs are your aerials to the cosmos??