Not for ourselves

We've been writing about the digital age for a few years now. We currently believe, as we did when we started, that the transition to our current and future digital reality will continue to be one of the most influential and universally relevant revolutions of our time.

During this holiday season, we'd like to thank those who have contributed in some way to our new connected consciousness. To: 

  • Those that make a living in the same space, who are brave enough to foster an environment of collaboration over competition;
  • Those that use their education and influence to connect and create, not climb;
  • Those that fight for access to the Internet as a fundamental human right;
  • Those that are brave enough to put themselves on the line and share, to strengthen a movement.

Because the best thing about the 21st century new media landscape is that success and progress is not just for ourselves anymore.

It's for everyone else.

Happy Holiday.