Why you're essential to progress

We often think of societal progress in terms of things that other people accomplish.

It's especially true this time of year.  Mainstream media publish defining moments and top ten lists of big news makers over the past twelve months.

We don't think it's the big names in news that make the biggest difference.

We think it's you, and your gorgeous participation.  And we need you now more than ever. 

It's easy to hole up to wait for the tough times to pass, but change has never been more necessary. There's never been a better time to hack at the status quo. To revel in the new.  

If you're reading this you already get it.  So act on your obligation to recruit another.  Help them find a subtle opportunity to innovate.

You don't need the big idea, the perfect speech or to have built something for the ages to matter.  You just need to participate.  The world no longer has a viable alternative to your citizen participation.

That's why you're essential to progress.

Happy New Year.


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Bottoms up.