Your turn to intern

We're hiring an intern. 

Some organizations get this relationship wrong.  They see it as means to cheap or free work.  An opportunity to dump meaningless, mundane tasks on someone who should appreciate the gesture as penance for their lack of formal experience.

An intern can be (and usually is) so much more than that.  They're:

  • A fresh set of perspectives on your processes and practises;
  • An fountain energy and optimism that acts like a lightening rod for your internal culture;
  • Your next full time hire;
  • A killer insight into the millennial market and workforce;
  • A PD mentorship opportunity for SR staff;
  • A raw and engaging voice for the company blog.

The list is endless.

Beyond all the obvious dividends that come with hiring an intern, we feel there's a responsibility to participate in and take this relationship seriously.  Chances are someone mentored you back in the day and this is the perfect way to pay it forward.

The best employees in the world were interns at some point right?

All you have to do is give them a fair shot.

Our intern opportunity.