Sometimes we suck

Some days:

  • we don't hit publish;
  • we don't feel like good parents;
  • we don't work out;
  • we don't think critically;
  • we watch too much tv;

Some days we're not great overall.

That's ok, 'cause some days we are.

It's those days when your attention to creativity, to community, to self, matters most.  When you're ready for change and risk. 

This doesn't mean you need to quit your job.  (Or maybe it does.) It definitely means you should care enough to challenge yourself to re-think the way you're doing whatever you're doing.

Here's an awesome linchpin example of emotional labour. 

Did it change the passengers day? Yes.

Will the passengers tell their friends this happened? Yes. 

Taking advantage of a special moment in time isn't easy.  And it doesn't always work.  Bottom line is that you don't always need one.

Solve interesting problems. Have bad ideas. Lead stuff. Fail a little.

Your mom put something on your fridge back in the day. It was likely you. And your art.

Get back to that. Play. Make change. Take risk. Have fun.