Look a "perfect 10"

Online retail surveys are all the rage these days. 

While making a purchase you're "randomly selected" to rate your experience online in exchange for a discount on your next visit.   While buying our toddler beachwear a few weeks ago, we were one of the lucky many. The sales clerk introduced the survey followed by "all we ask is that you rate us a 10".

Come again?

Our new awesome sagecomm colleague, who's got some time in with a major bank, pointed out that in service environments, anything less than 10 might as well be 1 according to most corporate evaluation schemes, and, since people rarely if ever give the elusive "perfect 10", some places just ask for it.

Why not more 10's, we wondered?

The answer: As humans, we evaluate value based on overall experience. A customer may love you, but be disatisfied with your product, selection or environment. Or, may hate your pushy colleague, but love your wares.

The inevitable marketing Q?  What kind of experience are you selling? And does the expectation you're setting match reality?

Could you achieve the "perfect 10"?

The answer: probably not.  Few of us could. The remedy?

  1. Be real.
  2. Deliver what you promise. Then do something extra.
  3. Bring the WOW.
  4. Make it fun.

It's not about demanding your perfect 10 from customers. It's about earning it.