Logo love and the brand time out

This one's dedicated to all the the brand managers out there.

We've had the good fortune of being on many sides of some great brands - as employees, as organizational managers, as consultants.  One thing we know to be true:

Brands, and their bosses, get abused.

It's true.

Admit it, if marketing time-outs were acceptable, you'd be handing 'em out like cake at the office party.

Brands are misunderstood. Heard often: "Who cares what our logo looks like?!"

They're unappreciated. The old: "The brand doesn't affect our business at all."

And in their visual representation (logos), they're literally beat up. Stretched. Distorted. Placed over inappropriate pixellated graphics. And, oft lost in a world where 'everybody' can 'do design'.  Read: "Why can't I just stretch the gif and print off this poster I made??" 

If a brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room (and we think it is), what are people saying about what you just did to your brand?

Don't be a hater.  Or you're getting a timeout.