Taking care of baby business

Would you bring your baby to a meeting?  Or a presentation, AGM, RFP pitch, or focus group, for that matter?

We would. We have. As recently as yesterday.

Before we had the parental lens, we couldn't have conceived of this.  And there's only certain clients you'd do it with for sure.

So why do it at all? And does it potentially hurt business?

We think not.

Our work-life bottom line is this:

We love our clients. We cherish those relationships and the rewarding projects and experiences that go with them.  But we value our family above all else.  Since there's no formal leave options in the entrepreneurial world, when we have a baby, she'll travel with us until she's old enough to revolutionize a space of her own...or go to daycare.  

It's not for every entrepreneneur and it's not for every client.

But we think that it speaks to our values and our authenticity as professionals and as people. And to the values of those we have the great fortune to work with.

PS - If you see our VP of Life Balance out with us, don't be surprised if she's sleeping. She's heard that pitch before.