A lesson from the Cooperman

Our three year old son came downstairs on Christmas morning and booked it over to the empty glass of milk and cookie crumbs. Looking around he exclaimed, "he came!" with the fervor we expect from our broker when Facebook's IPO comes around.  

He pushed passed the mound of consumer goods, which shamefully, if re-directed, would have done some good in our community during the holiday season. (An issue we'll work toward as a family for next year and years to come, btw.)  

After realizing that the big man had already come and gone, his eyes began to well.  We tried to channel his focus toward the mound of toys that were eclipsing him in the background. He wouldn't have it.  He didn't want them.  Not then.  The material goods were second place.  He just wanted to hang with Nick.

Connection over consumption.

We understand this may not have been his exact motivation for the people over product choice in the moment.  After all, the brother is magic and as bad-ass as they come.

Sometimes, you get schooled by a subordinate. Someone that reports to you, has less experience, less education, less formal stuff from the industrial age. (Though we think this last one will matter less over time.)

The hardest part isn't to recognize the moment, realize you're wrong or swallow your pride 'cause you just got taught a valuable lesson by someone who thinks your pay grade could only be that high cause it's supplemented by your lotto cash-for-life win.

The hardest part is to do something about it.

Thanks Cooperman.  You're the bomb.