Understanding your nodeness

Global consciousness is an overwhelming proposition.

Watching Republican presidential primaries might suggest to an outside (or out of planet) observer that as human beings we'd never be able to work collaboratively to any kind of positive conclusion...mathematically though, the stage is set. 

In 2000, there were 360,985,492 Internet users globally.  Today there are more than two billion, marking a 480.4% increase over the last eleven years.  In terms of access and penetration, the arena in which online social capital has to exist seems limited only to the growth and interconnectedness of our planet as a whole.

There's no question that there's a lot we need to achieve together on this earth.  But how do we go about it?

One thing's for sure.  If we're moving toward a global consciousness (BTW Facebook alone now connects more than one twelfth of the planet) we need to start thinking (and contributing) based on being part of the hive as opposed to obsessing over conquering it.  

Consider how the NewMedia landscape is less and less about producing your widget and selling it, and more and more about achieving a constant state of connectedness.  Contributing to the conversation, not as the industry expert, but as one piece of the puzzle.  One node, amongst many, contributing to an unfinished dialogue. 

We think that's a paradigm shift worth contemplating. And it's all fueled by the 21st century digital landscape. 

All you have to do now is node up.