The beauty of influence

In the spirit of inspiring progress...courtesy of @KimberlysVoice:

From occupy and interest rates, to photo of the year and pop star groove. No doubt about it - Canada influenced the world last year.

It’s tough to be proud of it all. The Vancouver riots. The continued missteps from RIM. But we jumped in with both feet and made a difference.  That's the 21st century linchpin...


Today, there's never been a better time to shape your personal brand.  To invest time in your ability to give back. To earn attention from your peers, customers and competitors.  

Social capital is the petroleum of the digital age. (Can we get a hell yea for renewable resource).

Sometimes (like Canada) you can get overlooked, undervalued and stereotyped.  And you're in the best position to change all that.

So what will you do this year to earn the right to speak?  More importantly, to earn the priviledge of someone's attention?  Will you:

  1. Stand up for what you believe in?
  2. Make tough decisions?
  3. Innovate on a social platform?

You might not change the world with your first blog post, photo, video or tweet.  But you'll have that much more influence than you did before you hit 'send'.

Write about what matters to you. Edge toward your passion and stay involved. Have an opinion.

You might be surprised at how much you enjoy the ride.