The anatomy of a passion project

The world needs more passion projects.  

The more connected our projects become, the more value they produce.

They're simultaneously tough to spot and absolutely unmistakable.  They typically feel something like this:  

You can't stop thinking about it
It dominates your thoughts.  If you're doing research for another subject all you see is insight into your passion project.  Like-minded people begin to organize around you with supportive and developmental contributions because you're focus and passion is unintentionally infectious.

Money doesn't matter
You don't care if you're paid and often invest your own cash to keep things moving. You're not thinking about making a million, you're thinking about making it better. Inevitably, passion pays.

Nine to five becomes a distraction
Factory work and factory hours seem incongruent with efficiency and common sense.  After dinner becomes valuable production time as TV is outed in favour of creative activity.

You're happy
You don't need caffeine or theobromine or a boss to stay motivated.  Your mind and your passion are all that you require to keep going...and it feels good.

You don't need a degree, a crazy I.Q or years of experience. You don't even need permission. The barrier to entry is hearing yourself.

The world needs more passion projects.  There's a stockpile of problems to solve.  

So listen up and get started.