A return to old school values

The world needs more Lemmy.

We're not suggesting idolizing the loud-as-hell, rock and roll, glorified musician lifestyle. (Though we do enjoy a good blow out.)  We're talking about someting else entirely.  Those undisputable constants that unite to make up the Lemmy brand essence.

Once exposed to them, it's tough to ignore the statesmen (or stateswomen) in your field. They were there at the beginning when your industry was being forged.  


  • Inspire some of the most successful people in your field today and are just as inspiring to those same people 30 years later;
  • Have a remarkable ability to stay true to their beliefs as entire sub cultures transform the once famililar footing beneath them;
  • Embody their space and their art, even if it's not always the best commercial or career decision for them personally;
  • Transcend their own glorified status because the closer you scrutinize the legend, the more it reinforces the authenticity beneath.

If you're leading the way for others, we need your conviction.

If you're going to ship an idea, a product, a strategy, get behind it with everything you've got until it feels more like a lifestyle. an attitude, the only way forward, than a tactic or just something else you're doing.

Change, global unrest and uncertainty isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The last thing we need in this new global landscape is more smoke and mirrors.  More profiteering on the backs of unsatisfied customers. More unethical behaviour toward our competitors.

Step up.  Pick a side.  Do work you know you're kids will be proud of one day.  Embrace the long game. (If you're a CEO, that means setting up the next gal. If you're a politician, that means looking beyond your four years. If you're a business owner or NFP leader, that means embracing the strategy over the quick, sexy win.)

Hey, you know what the greatest thing about Lemmy is?  

He's real.