Lunatics at the gate

Beware the crazies.

We had the pleasure of attending and supporting a Fourth Wall exhibition, based on the transformative civic engagement initiative by Toronto's Dave Meslin.  One of the big messages that came out for us was the bad rep that people who push change often get. How their motivations are questioned. And how they are labelled -- oh, those "radicals" / "nuts" / "crazies" / "lunatic fringe".

Ask yourself: Are you mislabeling or vilifying people around you? And more importantly, for what reason?  Do you judge:

  1. People who engage civicly?
  2. Colleagues who push change?
  3. Citizens who speak (/blog/cast) passionately about what they care about?
  4. Communities that rail against the establishment?
  5. Parents who drive mini-vans?

We all do it to some degree. (C'mon admit it to yourself.) But what we really should be focused on is this:

Fighting apathy.  

Beware the apathy that causes disengagement, that supports a toxic status quo (and that's not to say all status quo is bad...but some, is really bad.)  This applies as much in your workplace and with your business plan or strategic marketing direction, as it does in your personal and community life.

Let's be careful about labels.

Guess what? The "lunatics" at the gate are the ones guarding it. For the rest of us.

Rock on crazies.