Every tweet you make, they'll be watching you

Every move you make is public.  Every tweet. Every blog. Every like.  

Big brands are finding it hard to maintain the shiny, albeit fake, veneer of the now fading ad age.

That's because they're playing defense in an offense-is-the-best-defense time.

Can 140 characters lead to 140 days of headache?  Absolutely.  But if that day comes (if you misstep with your customer service and pay the public price) it's the little things that are going to pull you out of the hole. (Not the protectionist mantra that likely landed you there in the first place.)

Ask yourself what story you're telling and dig deep to reflect on whether the customer experience matches the promise in your narrative.  (Read: is it true?)

The new-media landscape isn't about protecting your brand anymore, it's about building your brand by giving back.  

One broadcast at a time.