An open letter to our son


Last week was your first day of school. A day of hope and joy in the midst of uncertainty in the world around us.

Your education at every level will serve as your gateway to opportunity.  And thanks to the hard work and relentless support that your grandparents gave us, we are in a position to support you on this journey, every step of the way.  

But this path will not always be clear, or easy. Despite being born on the most affluent continent on earth, care and dignity don't always prevail over shameful acts. Citizenship, for your generation, will require a much more active and committed approach for our collective obligation to respect our neighbors to be realized.

Technology will allow you to be part of something larger than the individualistic, and largely capitalistic models of generations before you.  We don't know what that will evolve into, but we do know what we believe today: 

  • That our interconnectedness will play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the future you grow up in;
  • That good storytelling will emerge as a dominant force that helps change the world;
  • That the universe has blessed us with more than our share, and respecting that gift means giving back;
  • That the world will treat your sister different than you, and that's not okay;
  • That we have an obligation to one another, one that needs our attention now more than ever;
  • That a lack of centralized governance can sometimes lead to our greatest innovations;

That the reason we're most fortunate, is because we have each other.

Soon you'll realize we don't have all the answers.  But we do have each other.  And that truly is what makes us most fortunate of all.

Rock on big man. And don't forget to bring the world along with you.

All our love,

Jeff and Lindsay (Mom and Dad)