We came, we saw we jumped...off another cliff.


In 2009, we announced that one of us was jumping off of a professional cliff.  Two feet. Full time.


Just about four years later, another child and one advanced degree heavier, and, (at least theoretically) wiser, we’re taking another plunge as Jeff joins the business full-time.  And by full-time, we mean more regular day shifts than the double afternoons/nights we’ve had him on for years.

With this addition, we’re adding more than a decade of progressively senior experience in marketing, communications, and community engagement, including new fresh perspectives via Jeff’s Master of Social Media from the UK’s Birmingham City University, and a massive infusion of passion for broadcast culture, social capital and all things marketing and storytelling.

The reaction thus far….

From traditionalists: we’d be certifiable to leave any senior position for a life of uncertainty, up and down, big pay days one month and no pay-days the next.

From other entrepreneurs and small business owners: best decision ever and a big welcome to the world of couples and individuals who work together to drive a big part of the Canadian economy.

From senior statesmen: a big hurrah for following our passions coupled with a warning that any even minute changes in quality of life for a certain pair of grandchildren will result in their immediate relocation.

So why one plunge and then the next? Why with two young kids? Why in a period of economic turmoil where great jobs are hard to come by?

Because our time here is just too short not to be bold and to be together doing it.

Because we’re proud as hell to join one of the most powerful economic tribes in our nation. 

Because there’s no compensation equal to finding more time for family.

Because there’s no gratification like creating things, in collaboration with other innovators, that spur impact and change. 

Because we intend to still be life partners even after 30+ year careers, and that means a commitment to balance.  (Yes, we do know we’ll be working together every day.  And we think the partnership will flourish because of that, not in spite of it!) 

Because there’s little that’s more important to us than having more time to do the small part we can to improve the local (and global) community, where our kids – and yours – are growing up.

And finally….

Because we believe that great strategy and compelling storytelling can build brands, transform communities and change the world.

And that’s a cliff we’re prepared to jump off.


This time with four feet.