A leadership love song





Leaders of all stripes and sizes.

The ones who inspire.

The ones who give it away as much as they charge for it.

The ones who make us think differently about the way it’s always been.

The ones who never stop fighting the fight, especially when it’s unpopular.

We recently had the honour of being named amongst some of our community’s Top20 young(ish) entrepreneurs, innovators and community builders. It’s a surprise and an honour, to be sure.  

But the truth is, there’s a top 200 (2,000 likely) out there in our community.

And it’s made up of all the people who put up their hands to lead -- whether an organization or a cause, a Guide troupe or a political party, a march or a parade (be it Santa Claus or Pride). 

So, here’s to those people and to all the leaders who came before (especially the ones who would never identify with the “leader” badge). Who inspired us with new ideas or challenged us with old ones. Who let us stand on your shoulders to see over the next hill.  

And to all the ones who are coming next. Who will challenge our crazy ideas, whom we’ll call young and naive, and whom we’ll rely on for change we can’t yet even begin to imagine. 

Here’s to you.