The song does not remain the same


We’re on a bit of a strategy and storytelling ‘tear’ these days. (Could you tell?)

Today, like never before (or perhaps like always) these two things have never been more important.


‘Cause EVERYTHING is changing.

Tech is changing. Industries are changing. Movements are changing. Change is changing...And there’s a whole lotta noise out there.  

We’re not talking about the archetypal “information overload”. We’re way past the days of the overstuffed inbox.  

Today, we select and curate, friend/unfriend, block, boost and click our way to the content we want. The content that meets our needs.

The content that GETS OUR ATTENTION.

So your story had better be good, if it’s going to penetrate this tough mudder course of digital life.

Not sure if you’ve got your story straight?  Ask yourself:

  • Are you starting with you (the company/product) rather than them (the audience)?  Psst...If you are, they probably aren’t listening.
  • Are you starting with someone else’s story (aka advertising to your competition)?
  • Are you starting from a place of tactic envy (aka developing a promotional piece to match the shiny new promo products of ‘the other guy’?)
  • Are you starting with your audience AT ALL?  (What do they want? Care about? What keeps them up at night? How can you solve their problems?)

If you answered yes to any of these questions - your story, and the strategy that goes with it, might need a re-boot.

Or at least some fresh lyrics.