A Lesson From The Greatest Guy Who Couldn't Read A Thing


It's hard not to wait for the right answer before stepping up.

We've been programmed by the industrial iteration of the educational system to idolize perfection.

We need to crush that pattern.

Being the best no longer translates to solving the toughest problems or making the most influential art.

One of the best guitarists in the history of rock couldn't even read music. This is what he had to say when asked if he had to practise constantly to stay so good:

I like to play to myself.  Whenever I feel down or depressed I just go in and play. I can't practise though. It's just always constantly, what do you call it, like a jam. You know, that's why I can't remember notes cause I'm constantly trying to create other things - that's why I make so many mistakes.  -Jimi Hendrix

There's a huge misperception that our work isn't alway good enough to share. 

The global iterative idea machine doesn't agree...and it never will.