Com­mu­ni­cat­ing well in a Covid-19 world
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 24 March 2020

Photo credit: Nick Fewings


We have no idea what it’s like to be on the front line.

To give out groceries to a thousand stressed out strangers. Or deliver urgent care with dwindling personal protective gear and resources.

It’s tough to walk a mile in someone else’s medical booties, heels, slippers or steel toes. It goes against our natural instincts.

But empathy changes everything. 

It’s the most useful tool in helping you understand what makes people tick. And right now, that couldn’t be more important. 

You can’t communicate meaningfully to anyone without understanding what they want, or what they’re passionate about, interested in and like to spend their time on. 

Some people are having a hard time with physical distancing. Some aren’t.
Some people are having trouble with remote work. Some aren’t.
Some people are stressing about money. Some aren’t.
Some people are fighting with their kids. Some people now know them better than they ever have.   

Not everyone knows what you know, or wants what you want.   

If you haven’t taken the time to understand the motivations and emotions of the groups you want to connect with and communicate to, resonance will remain elusive. 

That behaviour that stumps you the most may have less to do with the situation you’re in and more to do with the person and their personal circumstance. 

Empathy first is hard. It’s never ending. But it’s worth the effort.  

Because now, more than ever, it’s essential.
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