Con­trol­ling your con­ta­gion
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 7 April 2020

When there’s a legitimate reason to worry, we’re more easily influenced by a collective fear. We marinate in the neverending emotional field of negative news, amplified by the social networks of our coworkers, family and friends. 

It feels like there’s nothing we can do - like we’ve lost control. 

But the truth is, we didn’t have any control to lose in the first place. 

It’s a mirage.


  • You can network, burn the midnight oil and work twice as hard as the next guy for the big promotion, but patronage is out of your control. 
  • You can save for your future, but the day to day swings of the stock market are out of your control. 
  • You can assemble the most talented team, coaching staff and equipment, but season ending injuries are out of your control. 
  • You can wash your hands and practise physical distancing, but the science and logic deniers and their backyard BBQ pandemic parties are out of your control.

We have decisions to make - and we’re responsible for making them. But the outcome is usually out of our control.

But it’s not all bad. 

Because we can control what we pay attention to. 

Feed on facts instead of fear. If your anxiety is spreading faster than the contagion, tune into something more productive. Never before has there been more free demos, classes and concerts to enjoy.

Start planning for life beyond the crisis. 

Analyze the interruption and understand how you can best position to be relevant and useful on the other side of it. Map the changes in behaviour that are temporary and the ones that are here to stay. 

Use downtime to work on your brand, and the materials, channels and positioning that will make it more engaging and compelling than ever as restrictions lift. The nuances of your brand voice will be more critical than ever. 

Embrace the uncertainty all around you by letting go of it. 

It’s one thing you can always control.
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