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About The Gig

Marketing & Content Specialist

This role is rooted in marketing strategy and great writing. 

Whether it’s copy for web or print, titles for video, calls to action on social, or anything in between, words drive understanding and action. Marketing strategy ties it all together. With background and experience in marketing and communications, an ideal candidate for this role will understand market research, audience analysis and content, and be passionate about developing remarkable messaging and strategy that aligns goals and research to create measurably positive outcomes for clients. In short, you breathe content, you love strategy and you can drive a plan across the goal line. 

About You

What We’re After

You’re looking for a contract work arrangement that’s heavy on flexibility. You have deity- calibre communication skills and understand the critical role that content plays in the larger marketing ecosystem of research, writing, design and production. You work well independently while still participating on (and sometimes leading) the team. You pay attention to the little things and are functionally obsessed with content strategy and user experience (in all of its glorious iterations). You are stellar at client relations and create positive, engaging, long-lasting relationships. You’re naturally curious, and are constantly trying to understand and solve problems, large and small.

You’re awesome at:

  • Content strategy and writing extraordinary content (whether for traditional print, web or social)
  • Strategic and tactical marketing (create the plan and drive the plan)
  • Communications (functional and creative)
  • Client relations
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Attacking deadlines - long & short
  • Organizing yourself and everyone around you
  • Working with other (delightfully strange and nerdy) people
  • Fighting injustice

Besides that, obsessing over typefaces, having elitist views on personal web browser choice, and any record of “bringin’ it” at your last company holiday party, are a bonus.

About sagecomm

Architects of Strategy and Storytelling

sagecomm is a strategic marketing firm. We specialize in delivering remarkable, brand-building plans empowered by custom interactive media that produce wins for our clients and impact for the communities they serve. We’re small enough that everyone does a little bit of everything, but smart enough to realize that everyone is talented in different ways.

Remarkable Work, Wins and Impact

We have clients, friends, fans and followers in healthcare, technology, finance, education, government and non-profit sectors, from entrepreneurial start-ups and social enterprises, to large corporate environments and Fortune 500 brands. 

This range means a diversity of rewarding projects, from strategic marketing and public relations, to online communications and social media, to special event design and grassroots community outreach, all with measurable results and value add for our clients. 

How To Apply

Our Flow

We want to know you, not your resume (but send us that if it’s awesome). We want to get to know how you think, collaborate and what you’re passionate about, and we’ll be putting you to the test. 

If you’re into a flexible work environment and initial contract work to establish a fit for us both, let’s connect.

Send an email to by Friday, February 7th telling us why you’re our dream candidate.