Great minds think (un)alike

The differences between men and women in the workplace are often stifled and stereotyped.

That means a lot of wasted capacity.

If the differences were instead, recognized, indexed, valued and leveraged, the results could transform your culture and your cash flow.

Gender Intelligence is the process of gaining an awareness and achieving an understanding of our differences. It’s not about assuming we’re all alike and tolerating our differences when they appear, or about learning new behaviours that are not authentic to who we are.

It’s about discovering the authentic value that lies within each of us, and leveraging those differences to achieve greater success, together.

Barbara Annis' work in this area suggest that women's brains are more connected. They see things contextually. Men tend to see things in a more uni-focal way. Suggestive vs directive. Women tend to personalize and ruminate about a problem, where men tend to externalize and strategize about how to resolve a problem.  Annis argues that combining these two approaches at the executive level tends be brilliant if you can recognize and blend them around strategy, decision making and innovation.

The idea that co-ceo's (male and female) could produce a competitive advantage for companies is a very interesting one.

Sharing the chief executive responsibilities and leveraging the lens a true partner can provide, has always felt like an asset for our leadership team - despite being advised repeatedly that it would never work.

What do you think? Do men and women have complimentary strengths to more effectively lead companies together?