How to avoid snooze button sto­ries
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 June 2020

What do you do, again?

It’s the question often asked by prospective clients and grandmothers alike.

No really - what’s your answer?

We have a facilitation exercise we like to do with clients where we ask them to focus on the business they’re in from an audience perspective. Not what they do or how they do it, but how they change, transform or improve outcomes for the people they serve. It’s a critical question that applies equally to engineering firms, government organizations, national charities, venture capital firms, health care collectives, financial advisers and the list goes on...

What’s the point? What’s the impact? Why should anyone care?

Even the most capable and impressive leaders and staff members each come up with an answer that’s slightly (or not so slightly) different. Because even though it doesn’t feel that way, our worldviews don’t always flow in synch. We see the world through our own individual lenses - about us, our work, our lives - not objectively and rarely, or naturally, through the eyes of an audience that’s not ourselves.

Around here we like to say that we help brands, products, causes, communities, movements (you name it), Matter More.

The way we do that is through strategic planning, marketing and communications strategy, brand development, public relations and issue management, and modern mixes of digital and traditional tactics. But we don’t lead with that.

Because that part is a bit of a snooze. 

It’s not what people want to buy. They want to buy the outcome. And, there’s tons of talented others out there that can say they perform those same functions and produce those same marcomm widgets and wares.

So, what’s your story?

In a world fraught with economic, social and health-related change, and more noise than any other time in history, nailing this has never been more important.

It’s definitely no time to have audiences hitting the snooze button on your story. 

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