How to cut out the com­pe­ti­tion
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 14 May 2020

Illustration: dgim-studio


Want to get someone’s attention? Compare them to someone else. 

We do it everyday. 

Look at their life. Look at their followers. Look at their flow.  

It’s always been a natural human instinct, but it’s not as useful as it used to be. It doesn’t lead anywhere. And competing on a shallow metric usually isn’t worth the effort.  

It’s the same for your business. 

The pace of change and innovation now comes with a guarantee. There will be more people competing and copying you more often. Better, faster, cheaper can take hold in an instant. If there were a handful of competitors when you started, there’s likely dozens or hundreds more today.

Industries of every kind are hurtling toward exponential fragmentation. 

A few beers: thousands of beers.
A few things to watch: everything to watch.
A few selections on the shelf: one digital shelf to rule them all.     

Consumers feel like they have infinite options. And they do. 

So how do brands rise to the top? The ones that win have long abandoned the comparative metric of the moment. 

Instead you can find them focusing on two things:   

  1. Building their brand.   
  2. Connecting with the customers they have.   

Crowded and connected aren’t going away. And it’s why solving your positioning problem is more important than ever. 

And it’s the best way to cut out the competition.
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