How to win cus­tomers, im­prove cul­ture and leave your rivals behind
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 12 March 2021


The cornerstone of countless breakaway brands.  

But when your vision doesn’t unfold the way you hoped, when your customers aren’t quite coming as planned and your reality doesn’t quite match the plan, then what? 

Giving up is always an option, but that’s not what leaders do. 

Another option is to dig in and make the fundamental changes necessary to deal with your emerging market conditions. 

And we know just where to start. 

With an organizational Pulse Check

The Pulse Check product delivers affordable, actionable insights that will reinvigorate your approach to marketing, sales, culture and community. You'll uncover opportunities that lead your organization to a range of meaningful and measurable outcomes.

The Pulse Check is rooted in a modern approach to stakeholder engagement, designed to check in on key parts of your brand, your people and your purpose. Whether you’re after a boost in customer quality, improving internal culture, or reversing a troubling downward spiral, the Pulse Check will uncover opportunities for your brand, test assumptions around client satisfaction, highlight potential business gaps or examine internal structures. 

The payoff?

You flex instead of breaking and adapt to inevitable shifts in competition, culture, markets and technologies - leaving your less informed rivals behind. 

The best time to start an organizational Pulse Check? When you don’t need one. 

Because audience attitudes can change in a heartbeat and gambling on what you think you know, can be the most costly mistake of all.

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