How to matter more in 2020
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 16 December 2019

The 8-Ball reaches effortlessly into the future to find answers to your most important questions - it’s magical that way. 

And magic always beats logic.

If holiday shoppers bought everything on pure logic, many brands wouldn’t exist. 

We wait in line, pay a premium and put ourselves out there because we’re stoked about something. Because of the stories we can (and want to) tell ourselves. For the exciting, shared experience that comes with being part of something bigger than yourself.     

Of course, potent positioning and great storytelling aren’t magic. 

They take effort - asking, listening and building brands and messages that inspire action. But their effect can be spellbinding.

And the customers and communities you serve want to get excited about what you do, too. 

They want to connect and share and belong. They want your movement to be unique and magical. So they can feel that way too. 

That means you’ve got a lot of important work to do - to matter. And thanks to you, so do we.

Happy Holidays and here’s to more practical magic in the new year! 🎱 ~the sagecomm team

*PS-In honour of our awesome clients and partners - like every year over the past decade - we’ve invested a percentage of our pre-tax revenue in community causes that lift people up, build dignity and resilience, and help alleviate just a little bit of life’s complexities. 

We can do this, because of you. ❤️**
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