Mar­ket­ing by adren­a­line
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 7 August 2020

What a rush! 

In crisis, our bodies respond beautifully with adrenaline. 

Increased heart rate. 💓 Expanded airways. 😤 More blood to the muscles and enlarged pupils to take it all in. 👀

But our brains are also hardwired to narrow our perspective and focus only on the choices in the moment. The crisis is usually short and the recovery long. 

That’s not the case with the Coronavirus.

It’s been six long months since it changed everything. 

It shook economies and paralized businesses. It tested leaders, managers and teams in ways they’ve never experienced or imagined. And it disrupted and accelerated the best laid plans. Heroic, adrenaline fueled examples of overnight changes to technology, business models and customer experiences ensued.

But adrenaline isn’t sustainable. 

And neither is this pace of change. Long term crisis leads to cognitive, psychological and physical disruption. And the war room fatigue to go with it is often self inflicted. It takes more discipline for a committed leader to delegate than remain a work martyr and organizational choke point.

The truth is - you can’t outpace the coronavirus, but you can out-collaborate it. 

It’s time to focus on being stronger longer

It’s true - we don’t know when this crisis will end. 

But we don’t need that info to enable sustainable and constructive operational rhythms. That is, good strategy enabled by supported and rested teams that deliver.  

It’s time to market by design again.
Egos down. Generosity up. 

Because brands can’t survive on adrenaline alone. 

Especially if you want to matter in the long run.
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