Pan(dem)ic Choices
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 18 March 2020

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios


Uncontrollable long term changes to daily life bring stress. 

Things appear less clear. Interpersonal relationships become strained. Actions become reckless, or avoided altogether. 

Our leaders around the world are facing the toughest decisions of recent generations.

The good ones are clarifying their emotions, not succumbing to them. They’re pushing down panic and continuing to serve with clarity and conviction. 

They’ve realized that in the short term, this crisis is not about business. It’s about making sure as many people around the world as possible - live. 

That’s the decision. 

And we all have new decisions to make everyday now, too. 

We can buy into the group think extremes of our social feeds, and make things even more chaotic. 

Or we can figure out what’s next. What a meaningful way to spend our new time is. To connect (virtually) with people who might need us. To make something selfless for the communities we serve.

Panic is a choice.  

So is building a new path when the old one is no longer an option. 

Stay healthy out there.

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