Psy­chol­ogy mat­ters
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 13 March 2017

Does your product/service create meaning? 

It should.

Since the days of Carl Jung we've known that certain symbolic themes exist across all cultures and that these pre-formed structures influence how we interpret the world.

Because narcissism and nostalgia still drive so many of our modern day decisions, it's important to understand what your brand allows your customers to love about themselves and the world they live in.

The best brands are social. And emotional. A promise is made

  • The emails you send.
  • The events you hold.
  • The words you choose. 
  • The headlines you craft.
  • The the pictures you use.
  • The content you create.

They all add up. 

But not more so than the symbolic meaning your customers give your brand.

Just ask your estranged friend, the Minivan. Better gas mileage. More room. The perfect family automobile.

Except for what became of its social archetype.

Take stock. Acknowledge what's actually happening with your product position vs what you hope is happening.

Your product might be perfect. But that's no excuse to ignore its psychology.
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