Senior Designer

A Senior Designer with the passion to make others matter more. 

The human we’re looking for:

  • Is open and collaborative;
  • Can generate ideas independently and collaboratively including working against a brief to generate multiple clear, creative concepts;
  • You have your own style but don’t mind fleshing out someone else’s ideas when required;
  • Can give and take constructive feedback;
  • Has a strong sense of craft;
  • Loves the web;
  • Has a strong understanding that modern marketing operates at the intersection of psychology, creativity and technology, and has the chops with tools of the trade to get sh*t done;
  • Communicates and collaborates comfortably with team members, contractors, and clients.
  • Can easily work across core disciplines (traditional, digital, UX, UI)  and loves to play and improve
  • Uses knowledge to collaborate and explain moving through the iterative design process as required
  • Builds on a project’s strategic direction to help figure out how to do “what’s been asked for” and figure out “how to make it remarkable”.

About the gig

Responsible for the creation of functional, beautiful and persuasive design positions that give meaning, a voice and visual identity to brands and products. This role is key to helping to solve meaningful problems  through interface, web, app, print, and whatever comes next - design. This includes a strong understanding of design theory and the practical tools to get things done as well as the ability to work across disciplines (research, strategy, digital design, code). Consistent and effective communication skills, including the ability to make a strong case for design and the ability to help the team understand when what they’re asking for could be so much better -- pointing to a cooler, faster, persuasive and more cost effective route to awesome.

Skills and Expertise:

  • 3-5 years experience in digital and print design
  • Visual design is in your blood
  • You feel comfortable talking with print vendors about the nitty gritty details of their process.
  • Understand the web at a fundamental level. You can explain the difference between HTML, CSS and Javascript even if you’re not a developer (although that’s great too)
  • Can work collaboratively with other nerds
  • Desire and skills to manage 700 priorities at once (seriously);
  • Ability and willingness to do brand design work one day, user interface the next and a marketing focused landing page that afternoon.
  • Comfort with a touch of copywriting or editing here and there


  • We work in the downtown core, with the best restaurants and shops only steps away;
  • We serve healthy lunches free, everyday;
  • Thunderbolt displays, stand-up desk and Mac hardware is the office standard;
  • We listen to bad [ass] music, but drink good whisky & wine;
  • We have a culture coach and we take that action seriously.

Sounds rad, how do I apply?

Kick off Phase 1 of getting to know you by writing a short email outlining why you and your design chops matter and fire it off here.

Persuasive is good. Almost everything else is bad. Include a link to a portfolio of your previous work if you’ve got one. That said, we’re just as interested in how you think as we are in your finished product. 

Phase 1 Close Date: April 16, 2018

About sagecomm

sagecomm is a strategic marketing and communications provider specializing in brand, service and cause positioning, marketing strategy and community engagement.

Our work is rooted in a strategy-first approach, supported by a foundation of market research, audience-focused design, and a high-touch relationship model that treats our clients as partners.