Stop chas­ing at­ten­tion and thrive
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 2 September 2021

Something magical happens when you escape to rural Northern Ontario. 

Waking up to total tranquility each day changes the game.   

The digital stressors and anxiety they induce melt away in favor of the natural world. Your senses begin to take over and it feels like you become part of the environment instead of simply commenting on it. Time may not actually slow down there, but it sure feels that way. And the sense of connection is familiar, powerful and unmistakable. 

We feel like completely different people there. 

Especially when we’re spending time discussing, teaching, experiencing, engaging and building trust with those most important to us. 

It’s quite a contrast from all the time and effort so many of us spend online trying to get noticed. Being hooked on attention is no way to live a life or run a business. 

It’s tough to place a higher importance on our relationship to the natural world when all the systems in place seem to be designed to make us forget it. 

But we need to keep trying.

Because knowing the difference between chasing attention and giving it is how we make sure strategic thinking, relationships and creativity thrive.

Friendly reminder: If you haven’t yet had a break from the relentlessness of the past 17 months, give yourself one if you can. Whether it’s time in a canoe, with loved ones or with your bare feet in the backyard grass.
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