Sto­ries and what they say about us
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 18 December 2020

Remember that time the whole team unwittingly Zoomed into buddy’s bathroom? Or when that toddler had a mega meltdown during the perfect pitch? And when we got video-bombed by that cat’s butt? Like, twice a week?

Oh the stories 2020 has given us.  

Unconventional? Yes.
Inspirational? Maybe.
Wrenching and unreal? Absolutely.   

We watched with awe and horror as the year unfolded. We told and retold stories of hilarity and heroism and horror, even more than we told each other about the endless data and dynamic dashboards.  

Because stories define us.   

They help us understand and make sense of the world around us. They are the evolutionary firmware that allows us to interact with and record our history.  

So much more than data alone, great stories capture hearts and minds and move people toward belief and action.  

But for the majority of 2020, many movements and brands have struggled to sow a story that’s fit for this troubling time.   

What do we say? When do we say it? How do we say it? Where do we say it? Is what we say today going to be relevant tomorrow?  

Here’s what we know as this decade of a year comes to its close:  

  • We all want to believe in something;   
  • Moral and ethical foundations matter;  
  • We’re as emotional as we’ve ever been;   
  • Stories are still the most influential show in town.      

You can create some of the most meaningful, profitable and world changing relationships through storytelling. Or you can communicate yourself into obscurity.   

2021 is just a few weeks away.   

What story will you tell?
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