Tech Pri­vacy Push Makes Human Skills More Rel­e­vant
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 3 December 2021

Governments around the world are moving to limit how companies use consumer data.

At the same time, big tech is beginning to take privacy more seriously. iPhone users now have to opt-in to sharing their unique identifiers with apps. This severely limits the way users are tracked and reached, potentially hampering the potency of digital marketing across the globe. 

Across the tech aisle, Google joined Safari and Firefox in blocking third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser. The bottom line is that these enhanced privacy measures will radically shift the way ad tracking works on the web. It’s a big deal because many of the ads you see on the web are driven by cookie technology that tracks and trades on your data.

So what’s a modern marketer to do?

More handy tools, quick fixes and data-only approaches aren’t gonna cut it. 

Consider digging in and doing the work that matters more than ever:

  • Aligning your actions with what your brand stands for. (Yes, this means you need to stand for something.) People want to know about the humans that made what they’re consuming. Oblige them. 
  • Create content built to compete for attention. People have short attention spans online, sure. But mostly they have a distaste for sh!tty content.
  • Train yourself to see the new media landscape differently. Distribute your campaigns and content to mass mediums that are audience aligned.
  • Use data differently. Consider it as part of the whole and then tune back into human insight and re-engage your creative positioning muscles.

Technology is entering a phase where it’s making marketing more challenging, in exchange for more privacy. 

That’s good for us all. 

Personal and relevant campaigns will always outperform tech-based interruptions. And the overreliance on data in the long term has always led to the wrong level of consciousness. (Read: political campaigns).

It’s time to bring back some of the basics, or risk sacrificing the soul of your movement.
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