Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 19 February 2021

Sounds like something you should avoid.

But you need it to get stronger, better and remain relevant. 

By introducing tension into your work, you instantly matter more. And so does your marketing. It inevitably takes on a much more visceral form. 


All the best stories create tension: A plague on both your houses!

All the best teachers create tension: Anne Sullivan. (And Otte & Denis).

All the best games create tension: (Tetris).

All the best artists create tension: (Don’t be scared).

All the best politicians create tension: (John Kennedy - we said tension not chaos). 

All the best brands create tension: (Mac vs PC). 

All the best musicians create tension: (F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me). 

Crafting a message and sticking with it is still a solid way to get noticed. It’s just not as competitive on its own as it used to be. 

When 5 billion competitors can show up to your party for free and compete with your message, consistency alone won’t cut it. Always doing what people expect leaves little room for the delight of pleasantly surprising your audience. Or much worse, becomes predictable.   

So stand up and stand out. Because how you show up matters more now. If you don’t define your movement, a keyboard cowboy will happily do it for you. 

And the best place to start, is with a little tension. 

It’s one thing that’ll keep ‘em coming back for more. 

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