The art of just being there
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 24 April 2020

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Virtual meetings are exhausting.

This was the observation by a wise and cherished longtime client on a Zoom call today. 

So. Damn. Right.

But it’s hard to admit that. Everyone wants to be the person or the team that has seamlessly transitioned into virtual work. No angst. No downtime. (We say it allll the time.)

Those of us who are lucky to be working are just that - lucky and grateful. And we’re all changing directions, reprioritizing weekly (hourly?) and trying to remain resilient and relevant everyday.

So it’s hard. Mostly because we’ve taken an unavoidable and disconcerting step back from each other.

And it’s okay to say that.

We’re all learning and relearning verbal cues, deciphering body language and interpreting meaning that is, quite literally, buffered. (I’m not frozen, I’m just thinking.)

That change, even for the most confident professional among us, is difficult and anxiety producing.

When’s the last time you asked if your cat/dog/toddler/husband could come to a meeting with you? And sit on your lap? Or mused about or outright asked if pants are optional?

There are strange and difficult things happening all around us.
There are new assignments and jobs we’ve never had to do before.
There are relationship dynamics that used to be the easiest that now feel disjointed.
And if there ever was loneliness to be had in leadership, it’s now.

But we’re all doing it.

And we’re creating new stuff. And we’re not waiting for the committee. And we’re less worried about stepping on toes or agendas. Because we must.

Thank you for being out there, everyone.
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