The best thing to gift your­self
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 19 March 2019

Taking a break is tough. 

Especially for entrepreneurs.

Running a business is 24/7. There is no 9-5. And even if you’re a time management master, the entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t come with a convenient killswitch. 

And no matter how hard you work, there’s always one more thing. Culture. Relationships. Brand Trust. Decisions, big and small.

It’s intense work. And a wonderful, privileged way to make a living. 

But you can’t succeed over time unless you stop. Efficiency, perspective and productivity all need recharging. And you can often find clarity for your toughest business challenges in the wonderful and natural world around you.

This March break, our family hit the pause button and hit the road. 

We revelled in the freedom of deciding in the moment to simply take a walk. No rigid agendas. No big decisions. No one we knew. We just meandered - and enjoyed each other.  

So don't forget to gift yourself a break.

You'll perform (and live life) at your best.

Special thanks to our insanely talented teammates Allan, Alyssa, Erin, Lyndsay, Marissa, Megan, Sarah, Ashford, Kianah and Matt for getting our backs and making it possible to unplug & unwind. It's a gift we are always grateful for.

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