The Fast and The Spu­ri­ous
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 5 July 2021

Everything is getting faster. 

We’re working faster.
We’re dating faster.
We’re cooking faster.
We’re cleaning faster.
We’re trading faster.
We’re judging faster.
We’re learning faster.
We’re outraged faster.
We’re communicating faster.    

And we’re consuming everything faster, too. #boo 🙁  

Then, the pandemic forced us to slow down. That part was a gift. To consider critically if we all used to be masters of speed, or, if speed was mastering us. 

When we communicate too quickly, we fall back on learned behaviours and biases that often create the controversies and crises that we’re trying to avoid.

Brands bobble campaigns. Politicians tout tone deaf Tweets.
Science causes concern not confidence.      

The unsavoury high speed slip ups are many.   

So as restrictions begin to ease, let’s continue to honor a pace that allows us to do the creative and critical thinking required to make sense of the complex world around us. 

Let’s listen, empathize and embrace a human pace. 

Because we’ll never outrun our problems. No matter how fast we go.
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