The fast facts of feel­ings
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 27 January 2020

People are moving faster than ever. 

There’s less time to interpret, contextualize and think. Deep dives, analysis and understanding are being replaced with scanning, swiping and moving quickly on to the next thing.

Pace is leading us to make more and more decisions based on how we feel, over the fulsome finding of facts.

Climate change.
Take your pick...

Cultural truth can (and will) change. Because we’re only ever experiencing a small slice of it. And why should your busier-than-ever-business be any different? 

That’s why the ability to move someone in the moment is a new and necessary skill-set for every leader in this evolving modern age.  

It doesn’t mean don’t do your homework. It means if you want people to act in the moment, you have to make them feel in the moment.

The Internet surrounds and influences us relentlessly and its effect is vast

And in fact, we’re feeling our way through it.
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