The folly of find­ing your future
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 26 February 2020

The future is hard to predict. 

Despite the 24/7 punditry, analysis and obsession - it usually adds up to a waste of time.

  • Did we predict a 16 year old girl with Asperger's would spark the world’s largest climate movement? 
  • Did we predict the manic moods of the stock market? 
  • Did we predict the order in which the U.S. democratic candidates for president would fall from the race despite a never ending news cycle and millions poured into prediction poppycock?

No, we didn’t. 

Put down your crystal ball and instead:

  1. Focus your finite time and attention on the things that are right here, right now (like your fave clients or passion projects);
  2. Decide what matters most in the moment and invest in moving it forward (like supporting some of your top talent);
  3. Write a post;
  4. Make a fresh connection;   
  5. See the potential in the people and possibilities that are right in front of you (like your next potent partnership or amazing hire).

We're not suggesting you abandon strategy. But there’s a big difference between having (and working) a plan, and pining about what might happen if you had a DeLorean.

Even the greatest tech visionary of all time didn't know he'd be fired from the company he founded to later return, save it, and change the world. 

It’s tough to imagine how we’ll connect and communicate with each other down the road. To know what the next big thing will be. 

Until it’s here. 

Less forecasting and increased accountability can make a big difference. 

Spend your time in the moment inventing where you want to be, instead of wasting time and effort trying to predict it. 

Your future depends on it.

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