The Free­dom To Be Your­self
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 24 July 2020

The Pride movement is rooted in a decades-long struggle to vanquish prejudice and for a group of our fellow humans to be, rightly and justly, accepted for who they are. 


Many of us will never know struggles of this magnitude. 

But what better opportunity for allies to show support, listen and continue to be educated than Pride? 

So, today (and always) we celebrate and honour the movement of LGBTQ2+ activists that have struggled and sacrificed in an effort to change the world for the better. 

Stop being yourself? It sounds outrageous, because it is.

Discrimination, violence and injustice cannot stand.

And this time in London (and for the first time in Strathroy WOOT WOOT!) is a glorious reminder of just that. 


Even more, so does the right to love whomever you want.

And it always will. 

So will the contributions, voices, culture, dignity and rights of the LGBTQ2+ community. 💖
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