The magic of teams
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 October 2020

A few weeks ago, our crew gave us a nice shout-out on National Boss Day. 

That’s not just a shameless humble brag. (But it is a radically awesome feeling to get props from people you respect deeply.)

Every member of our sagecomm team was hired for more than their skills. 

They share a deep respect for relationships and solutions, value innovation and creativity, love asking (and answering) big questions, and revel in the small details that make work outcomes special, and make life’s little moments utterly joyful and hilarious. 

But like so many teams, this team, this year, has been through it. 

The business went through some tough but necessary changes. Work waxed and waned with an unpredictable rhythm. And now, the pace is fast and furious again.

But every step of the way, they’ve more than managed it. 

All the while managing isolation, household stressors, home-schooling, caring for cherished people/fur babies and the regular or extraordinary pressures that come along with adulting even in the most normal, non-pandemic times.

But they’re still showing up. Hard. Every day.
With passion and commitment. With good humour.
Ready to solve big problems.
Meeting tough deadlines.
Rocking out beautiful work.
Operating with radical empathy for a range of clients who are making difficult decisions or working day and night to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime.  

And, more than anything, they’re stepping up to help each other. Task list notwithstanding.  

Sure, there’s some practical wizardry to building a team.   

For us, it’s been about long recruitment times, practical opportunities to try out the work before the hiring process is over, and some good time invested in ensuring that both the role and the environment is a good mutual fit.   

But it’s also knowing that if you take time to assemble the right bunch of amazing humans, and get out of the way, a great team builds itself.   

That’s the real magic.

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